February 19, 2013

The Brand New WWE Championship - Photoshopped!

Posted by Delta Zero on 2/19/2013 04:00:00 PM

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So...for the first time since 2005, we finally have a brand new WWE Championship. The previous belt, the "spinner title", was introduced as a superstar specialty belt by John Cena. It fit him like a glove with all its bling, shortening the word champion to 'champ', the main plate having the ability to spin, and otherwise giving the the WWE Championship a little personalization that fit his character. Unfortunately, the belt replicas and toy titles sold so well that WWE decided to cash in on the spinner belt, and thus, it became the actual championship title. What worked for a rapper-turned-shill didn't exactly work for others, though. They eventually removed the spinning feature and modified the sideplates, but it still looked like John Cena's belt...and having your most prestigious title say 'champ', looking like what was supposed to be an accessory for Flava Flav didn't exactly do anyone any favors. After John Cena's arch rival, CM Punk, had his record-breaking title reign spanning from 2011-2013, the belt didn't seem like it was going anywhere. That is, until The Rock returned, won the WWE Championship and did the honors of introducing a brand NEW WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!

As good as it was to see a new title after so long, it looked a bit...incomplete. The Rock has special Brahma Bull sideplates, but the real version had these really nice looking globes on the side. So, that wasn't the problem. The problem was the big centerpiece. It was a gigantic WWE logo, showing you who won the wrestling wars of the 90s, with the belt's leather backing exposed. It was like they couldn't figure out what to do with it. The Championship was also missing the trademark soaring eagle: the staple championship design that even the spinner belt had. The belt was definitely an improvement, with all its nice and modern angular design, but didn't quite reach its potential. (You can see this championship in the header image above).

Thus, in less than 24 hours, I have taken the public responsibility of enhancing this brand new Signature belt. It needed a few modifications. For one, I wanted to use the actual title with the globe sideplates and not The Rock's custom ones. I felt the red globes were a very nice touch. However, this is the WWE Championship, man! It needs an eagle or two somewhere on it. I modified the WWE title that came before the spinner belt, and used that eagle and placed it on the sideplates. Next, I decided to do something about the center. The leather needed to go, so I axed it and filled it in with a more aesthetically pleasing texture. Next came the wire frame globe -that was the hardest part.

So, without further adieu, here are my Photoshopped designs for the brand new WWE Signature belt!

Here is my very first design. The original belt had the classy looking burgundy globes, and I wanted to continue that design onto the main plate. It gives me that modern-classic feel...though it reminds me a bit too much of Spider-Man!

I feel the color blue is usually synonymous with wrestling titles, and someone suggested that I try a blue variation, so here ti is.
Here is another red globe, this time I got rid of the extra red on the sides so the focus would be on the globe itself.
Here's its blue brother. I think this one is my favorite. The WWE logo going over the wire frame world illustrates what this championship means.

Here's the last one. This is what the previous "JBL title"- as its often called - would look like if it had babies with the spinner belt. I like how this one isn't as distracting as the others, though I do prefer the colors.

There you have it! Which one is your favorite?


The blue globe over black leather (2nd from last) is easily the best, and is EXACTLY what this belt should've looked like. Supposedly this new title was designed by Paul Sr. at OCC, and even with the help of a legendary designer, his inexperience shows. This is not a motorcycle, its a prestigious and meaningful symbol representing hundreds of legends of the squared circle and a multi-million dollar company.

I would go with the blue globe on black leather with the side globes being red. I don't feel the title necessarily needs to have a nameplate or the custom side panels that this belt is clearly going to have. Very good work on all these alternate designs. They are all superior to the original.

Thank you for the comments, guys!

"Here's its blue brother. I think this one is my favorite. The WWE logo going over the wire frame world illustrates what this championship means."

Yes! This is it. This needs to be sent to WWE so that they incorporate this change. This design looks fantastic.

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